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My opinion on 13 Reasons Why removing their 'suicide scene'

I've caught wind of the fact that Netflix have removed the suicide scene from season 1 of '13 reasons why' and I have to say...I'm really p****d off by this!😡🎬 💥

If I'm being totally honest, I have never really liked this series. I think a lot of it romanticised mental illness, played to the stereotype and gave a bad name to those who are truly suffering with depression👎 However I can appreciate the few moments in the series that really do represent mental illness truthfully👍 💥

The suicide scene in the bath was one of the only moments to truly do this. After years of dancing around the subject, we were finally hitting the world with the reality of depression. In this scene there was no music and no fancy cinematography. It simply showed the terrible truth that depression causes a person to hurt so much that they often end up dying alone, totally silenced and how the difference between life and death can be just a matter of a few minutes. 💥

My opinion may be controversial and could receive a lot of backlash but given this is a show about a teenage girl who committed suicide...and the whole point of the series is to raise awareness of mental kind of needs to include proper reference to that suicide! This graphic scene was meant to show that suicide is cold, quiet, painful and lonely. Now, with the new censored edits in place, it comes across pretty, romantic and dare I say it…desirable! 💥

The counterargument of "it's triggering to those struggling with depression" is completely invalid. Not only was the series classified with an 🔞 age warning, but every episode which included scenes that vulnerable people may find disturbing began with a trigger warning that advised them not to watch any further! 💥

Nobody has been forced to watch the series! So to cause a stink about it being unsuitable for certain viewers is like sticking your hand in boiling water and then complaining when you get burnt despite the sign that reads "caution; HOT!"🙄 💥

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this...but I also know a lot of people will agree and will be too afraid to speak up in fear of backlash from others. Can we just appreciate that while, yes, protecting the mental health vulnerable individuals is important...there is a difference between safeguarding and wrapping in cotton wool. Nothing changes if nothing changes. We have to push boundaries in order to shape minds.#

COURAGE --- Alice xxx


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