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ourBrain Ambassador

What is ourBrain...

ourBrain is an innovative and up and coming digital platform- the first of it's kind focused entirely on mental health!!!

ourBrain strives to encourage genuine connection and safe, open conversation with like minded people who have experience with mental illness.

We all have 'mental health', and we must take care of it the same as we do our physical wellbeing.

ourBrain aims to reinvent the way that we talk about our mental health- eliminating the shame and stigma that surrounds it.

ouBrain believes that everyone should have the right access to support. It can be hard to talk with your family or family about your mental health. When an individual is struggling, all too often it can feel as if you don't have anyone to turn to. But imagine if you could connect with someone who just 'gets it'. They understand the pain. They understand the confusion and understand those feelings of hopelessness and despair. Imagine forming a connection with someone without fear or judgement, hesitance or any awkwardness. Just open conversation. 

Using a unique peer-to-peer model, ourBrain partners you with someone who understands the difficulties you’re facing, a person who can relate. Still in it's early stages of development, now is such a fantastic time to join the ourBrain community.

Why did I decide to become an ourBrain ambassador...

For far too long, the mental health community has been crying out for a safe space built with mental wellness in mind as it's TOP priority!

ourBrain promises to be that ideal platform and I couldn't be more excited to support them with this venture every step of the way.

As a mental health advocate I have been asked to represent a few products over the years- never have I accepted. I never wanted to promote something I don't 100% believe in. When ourBrain approached me and asked for my contribution towards the app I was instantly intrigued.

The mission that the platform exudes is not only exciting but heartfelt and potentially groundbreaking within the world of mental wellness.

Since becoming a member myself I have had a stream of really positive experiences.

I encourage everyone to check out their socials and waste no time in signing up as ourBrain are now accepting their next round of users!

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