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Do not judge someone over something you do not understand...

Mental illnesses do not listen to logic👎🤯 They are irrational and entirely unfair 😔

Remember that no one chooses to live with depression...with anxiety...with an eating disorder...with OCD...🙅 Therefore you should not judge someone for living with something that you yourself do not understand ✋

Instead you should practice patience towards other people🙌

Everyone has triggers and everyone has vices. Some are harmful, some are not🤔

Learn to listen to what people want to say but rarely ever do. Hurt is often hidden in the silence 🤐

Just because you cannot see or feel someone's pain, doesn't mean it isn't real⛅ Just because something seems ridiculous through your eyes, doesn't mean it isn't serious from someone else's perspective👀

COURAGE; Alice xxx

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