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Mind is one of the most forthright mental health charities in England and Wales.

They provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

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Henry Mendoza

"A lot of those I love, suffer with mental illness. It hurts to see them suffer and when they cancel plans, are rude or unkind, or do not check in on you, it often feels like they do not value your relationship. This is not true. Your love means the world to them but mental illness convinces them they're not worthy of it so they push you away. It's so important to never give up on them. Check in on them. Research their condition. Ask them about it. Invite them out to that gathering, even if they said 'no' the last 10 times. They'll always appreciate being asked and I promise you they'll never forget the effort you put in to help them beat their demons"

Current Fundraising:

In September 2016, I trekked across beautiful China for 10 days being part of a team that, together, raised over £175,000! 

In November 2018 I put on my hiking boots once again and trekked across the Sahara dessert for 5 days, hiking for up to 8 hours a day and covering nearly 60 miles of rough terrain in treacherous weather conditions, with the aim of raising at least another £2000 for Mind! I am still shy of that target and need all the support I can get, even £1 would make a huge difference as every little adds up!

What I have done for awareness:


Television & Radio

Events &


Newspaper &

Online Articles

  • Victoria Derbyshire Show, 'The State of Mental Health' 20/7/2017, [link]

  • OnlyAliceMitchell - YouTube, 'Everything Wrong with Mental Health Services' 26/1/17​, [link]

  • OnlyAliceMitchell - YouTube, 'The Truth about Depression' 28/10/16, [link]

  • KMFM news radio interview 'INTERVIEW: 19-year-old Alice Mitchell from Canterbury who tried to take her own life - 12/04/2017', [link]

  • BBC Radio 4 'Treatments for depression, Debt collection, Widebeam canal boats', 12/07/2018, [link]

  • ITV News; Social media addiction - the 'damaging, negative impact' of the media and other pressures on young people and their mental health 21/01/19 [link]

  • Canterbury Pride 2018

  • MP meet, greet & discuss, Houses of Parliament 13/09/2017

  • NHS Long term plan - Briefing and Agenda, Westminster

  • ITV focus group; a filmed conference for journalists to accurately portray Mental Health in the media 15/11/2018

Rosie Duffield.jpg
  • Kent Online 'Thousands left to cope alone after leaving mental health hospitals in Kent' 13/04/2017. [link]

  • Daily Star 'Acting dream fuelled anorexic's recovery: Docs warned she could die within month' 25/04/17. [link]

  • Mirror 'Anorexic woman who weighed herself 40 times a day has recovered to launch modelling career', 25/04/17. [link]

  • The Sun 'Former anorexic girl who weighed herself 40 TIMES A DAY and ate just a tablespoon of food becomes a model to promote positive body image', 19/05/17. [link]

  • Daily Mail 'Five-stone anorexic who weighed herself 40 times A DAY flaunts her new curves in a bid to promote positive body image', 25/04/17. [link]


I'd love to hear from you

To check out my blog about the realities of a life with mental illness and my journey throughout recovery, click here

If you would like to approach me for advice, insight on my experience with mental illness or to collaborate on a project, feel free to email me

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