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'A MESSAGE FROM MY BLADE' – Trigger Poetry

Before you go any further, this is not a graphic poem. However it is a graphic subject and I feel obliged to give a warning to those easily triggered by matters of self harm. Of course I want to share my writing with as many people as possible but not at the expense of people’s mental health.


A Message From My Blade

Why didn’t you come and visit again?

This is the 12th day in the row

You can’t just leave me sitting on the shelf

You can’t just come and go

I thought that we were friends?

I’ve always been there for you

Whenever the world comes closing in

What is it that you do?

You come running straight to me

Your grip is firm, it’s sure!

So why now is your loyalty

Not as strong as it was before?

You said that you needed me

Is that no longer the case?

Have you moved on from what we had?

Have I been replaced?

I’m sorry if I hurt you

But you said you liked the pain

You said the second I pierced your skin

You came alive again

What about the nightmares?

How do you handle them now?

Or the emptiness that follows you

As soon as the sun goes down

You can’t tell me you don’t miss it

The sting, the heat, the mess

The art we made

Man and blade

Signed in crimson red

I know I made you feel good

People can say its wrong

But you can’t deny when we’re together

I make you feel strong

I know I’ll see you again

Because you’ve done this before

You walk away; you say we’re through

But soon you’re back for more

So I’ll just lay here waiting

Because you’ve can’t throw me away

You’ll keep me safe and out of sight

And your reason? …“just in case”



Alice xxx

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