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Mourn the loses because there are many. Celebrate the victories because there are few

Can we talk about relapsing for a moment. Relapsing is embarrassing. It causes hurt to ourselves and those around us. It's demoralising and, unfortunately, it is also inevitable!😨


When we hear the word 'RELAPSE', many of us view the word as shameful and immediately associate it with drug and/or alcohol abuse. In reality, a relapse can coincide with any harmful addictive habits or medical condition. It is simply described as 'a deterioration of a person's condition after a state of improvement'📖📌 This can be anything from substance abuse to self harm or even cancer.


When it comes to mental illness I believe it's more detrimental to a person's recovery to refer to every little set back as a full blown relapse👎 Personally I consider myself to have had only 2 major relapses in my 6 years of recovery. However, I have had more set backs than strands of hair on me head😅


Believing that a relapse won’t ever happen means that you won’t be prepared if it should occur. Relapse also doesn't mean that the person is a failure or has to start over from square one. People who struggle with mental illness, along with their loved ones, learn how to recognize the signs of a possible relapse as they happen and thus become better equip for overcoming them. Therefore it doesn't matter how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up again that counts💪

COURAGE; Alice xxx

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