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Health benefits of Walking...

Life fails to be perfect, but it never fails to be beautiful💛🌅 It is easy to become overwhelmed by the constant stresses and struggles of everyday life; rent, bills, relationships, workplace woes etc. Sometimes you need to take a step back from all the action and allow yourself to recharge🔋👍 For me, personally, this means popping in my headphones🎧 and going for a long walk, wherever my feet will carry me👣 🧠🌿

There are so many physical and mental benefits to walking such as…

🔸Reducing the risk of heart disease💗

🔸Stabilizing your weight⚖️

🔸Reducing your stress levels🤯

🔸Boosting your energy levels🏃‍♀️

🔸Uplifts your mood😊

🔸Improving blood circulation🔴

🔸Boosts sensory stimulation😲

🔸Reducing anxiety😰

🔸Improving lung functionality🌬️

🔸Lessens the chances of dementia💭

🔸Building your relationship with inner peace and serenity✌️🕊️

🔸Reducing the risk of cancer🙅

🔸Improving quality of sleep💤

🔸Boosts serotonin levels and eases the effects of depression🌞

🔸Reducing the chance of diabetes🙅

🔸Improving balance and coordination🧘

🔸Helping to spark creativity🎨

🔸Strengthening bones and muscle💪

🔸Lengthens attention span and enhances your memory🤔

🔸Improving blood pressure🤗

🔸Boosting your immune system🤧

...and that's to name just a few!😮

We can spend hundreds of pounds💰 on spa retreats and personal trainers but when we have a gift like mother nature on our doorstep that doesn't cost us a penny...why would you want to?!😵 In my personal opinion, a sunset is one of the most stunning sights we can witness upon this earth 🌍 Let's make time to step away from our screens even if only for 20 minutes a day⌛and appreciate the beauty that resides all around us🙌

COURAGE; Alice xxx

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