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Why OnTheMentalMend?

OTMM is a journey; one of recovery, self discovery, education and awareness.
OTMM is a blog, rich with personal experiences, heartfelt poetry and forthright opinions.
OTMM is a safe place to seek advice, air your feelings and elevate your understanding of mental health.
OTMM is an example of hope, a recognition of asexuality and an appreciation of the hard work that goes into a creating a full and thriving life when suffering with mental illness.
OTMM is a community of COURAGE

When you burn your hand, you run it under cold water.

When you sprain your arm, you put it in a sling.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, society manages to express the level of compassion and understanding the victim deserves.

A person’s physical wellbeing is well respected and cared for in today’s world.


…So why is it that people don’t deliver anywhere near the same amount of sympathy for someone struggling with their mental health?!

‘Mentally ill’ is considered a tainted subject. Attached to it are the titles selfish, attention seeker, drama queen…an endless list connected by the view that mental health disorders are something to be ashamed of. Magazines, newspapers…these, our wider world equivalent of gossiping on the school playground. Heartless in print. Someone’s struggling stamped all across the media as entertainment. Movies, TV shows…do not even broach the subject of mental illnesses unless used as a source of comedy. It is damaging how society has reached a point where it’s deemed acceptable and, more worryingly, normal to portray such serious issues on screen as a joke or even something for people to strive for. People today romanticise mental disorders. The phrases ‘I’m so depressed’, ‘just kill me now’, ‘I hate my life’, ‘I should start being anorexic’ are said without a second thought to their impact. Mental illnesses are not something to be mocked. They are life consuming, life altering and, potentially, life ending diseases.

I am proud that the world in which we’re living is becoming less and less discriminative. Homophobia and Racism, although not diminished, is slowly decreasing. This is down to one thing- awareness! People are not afraid to stand up for these causes and this determination means progress is being made everyday. However, people today are still ashamed to talk about mental health and, unfortunately, this means there is still a large dark cloud of stigma surrounding the subject.

It doesn’t take all you have to make a difference, it’s what you do with what you have that counts. Surviving with mental health disorders is not easy, living with them is even harder…but with a little bit of education and understanding on the subject, we as a society can overcome the toxic stigma surrounding mental illness!


Alice H Mitchell xxx


Clearly, the world is in a state of crisis. Covid-19 has caused devastation quite unlike most of us have seen in a lifetime.

It is SO important to spread kindness, empathy, community and compassion throughout these uncertain times.

It's also incredibly important to care for our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as that of those around us.

I have devised a free survival guide to help us all through this trying time! Of course, all of the information below is personal and I must stress that what works for me may not work for someone else and vice versa.

To check out My 'Quarantips' - A guide to caring for our PHYSICAL and MENTAL wellbeing throughout Covid-19 then click on the button below and remember that my DM's are always open- if anyone needs advice or even a listening ear you can contact me via any of my social media channels or you can email me at

COURAGE --- A xxx

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