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'LOST LOVE' - #SlamPoetry

3am and, as sleep is intent in not visiting again tonight, I’m writing a poem about the love I recently lost…

Your smile is my favourite sight to see

Your arms are my favourite place to be

When I’m with you I finally believe

The the world’s not as dark as it seems to be

Your smile is infectious

Your smell is a drug

Your eyes are like beautiful stars from above

You know this is real

You know this is love

But all I can give you just isn’t enough

I’m sorry but I warned you right from the start

That loving me was incredibly hard

And still you let me give you my heart

And though you promised you wouldn’t, you tore it apart

I wish we could just go back to the start

Back to the start

Back to the start

Love is undeniably the most beautiful thing I’ve known

But it is also surprisingly the hardest thing I’ve known

One moment I had my soul mate

The next I was completely alone

I wonder were you that unhappy?

Well if you were it didn’t show

We promised forever and I don’t regret a day

Of the things that we said or the memories made

But there’s one more thing so precious I gave

Can I trust you to keep it, sacred and safe

In your heart, in your mind “forever and always”?

I know in my heart, there’s nobody else

I’d ever consider giving myself

It’s you and only you that I see

My one true love

My husband to be

Are you scared that I loved you just because I was lonely?

Never. I fell for you my darling because we are meant to be

You know it, you do, I see it in your eyes

When our bodies are together, everything feels right

Don’t shut us out

Don’t say that it’s wrong

You know in your gut where you truly belong

You promised me so many things oh so many times

Right up until the moment you left…so what, was that all a lie?

With you I was finally happy for the first time in my life

I can’t believe I trusted you when you said you’d always be mine

And yet, through it all I still love you the same

Don’t understand? Let me explain

Despite all the heartbreak

Despite all the pain

I know that no future love will ever be the same

If I had the choice I’d do it all over again

Every kiss and conversation

Infecting my brain

As much as I try to push them away

They always come back to me, stronger each day

And I know that I’ll never love anyone this way

Still think you’re worthless?

Please, think again

The nights are the hardest

I’m miss having you here

Reaching out for me and pulling me near

You held me so tight like you were scared I’d disappear

But I’ll tell you again you had nothing to fear

I’d never leave you

I thought that much was clear

What was it that we said to each other my dear?

I love you

I love you more

I love you more than that

I love you most

I love you more than you love me

I love you more than you’ll ever know


I guess it’s all pretty meaningless now

You’re moving on but I just don’t get how?

The life we were building, you tore it all down

In a matter of hours

You completely skipped town