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Life is tough...but so are you!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Do you ever become so physically, mentally and emotionally drained that you can hardly bring yourself to open your eyes in the morning- let alone get up, get dressed and go about your day?😟


Me to! In fact, I've been feeling this way for the last few weeks and it's really taken its toll on my body and my mind🤕 I am finding I have zero energy and by actions have started to stray from who I am at heart. I find that when I am in a bad head space, I start acting in ways that are hurtful to others but I cannot seem to stop myself. it's almost as if I am floating outside of my body, watching a complete stranger mistreat the people I love💔


Sometimes I feel like there is no hope for me. Every time I start to feel like I am finally getting a grasp on life, something happens to bring me spiralling back into the same black hole. It can be suffocating😰 But then I remember that, in the same way that relapses are is recovery! Sometimes you have to use your mistakes as a means to kick your butt into gear and strap myself back into the rollercoaster ride that is recovery🎢 It takes a lot of courage but human beings are tough cookies🍪😄


In 21 years I have grappled with the effects of severe depression and anxiety, sexual abuse, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and toxic relationships🙅‍♀️. I know that I should be damn proud of myself for confronting my demons and I also know that I am not alone🙌 Everyone has gone through total sh*t in their lives and battled through the fire to fight another day🔥💪 🔸

Remember that courage doesn't always roar; sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow"...🧡

COURAGE; Alice xxx

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