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ITV News; London - The Pressures of the Media on Mental Health...

2 months ago, myself and 5 other troupers opened up about our experience with mental illness, as well as the impact of social media and other pressures on young people today. This was initially just research for journalists to get an accurate understanding of mental illness in the media💪 However, we filmed for over an hour and made such impactful comments that the producers were set on taking things further. Tonight a clip of our discussion aired on ITV London News!😃 I am extremely proud of the courage and wisdom we all exuded. While a lot of the 'meat' was edited out of the final cut, these 4 minutes still highlight some important issues that need addressing. Feel free to give it a gander and join in on the conversation...🧠🗣️ (Please excuse the deep, dark bags under my eyes, the really bad hair and the harsh resting bitch face; I was extremely jetlagged having returned from my Sahara trek just a few short hours before😴😅)


Alice xxx

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