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'IN OUR ELEMENT' - A poem of new beginnings

Rough work is the best work <3


I hold my tongue in fear of not living up to your ideals

I ignore my instincts, stunt my trust and limit my love, terrified of losing yours

You are the most giving, and the most unforgiving person I know

You are both careful and careless

Honest and yet not open

What am I to you?

That I am not sure

We are, independently, fire and stone

The first is my soul and the second your own

It is no secret, we both can cause pain

I have a tragically beautiful flame

You have a strong but steel cold frame

We both have an element enemy too

If you allow the river to flow

Erosion will subsequently lighten the load

I am easily drowned when I run out of fuel

Suddenly there’s darkness and everything is cold

We are, together, a real ‘force of nature’


Well rounded

A visionary

An unpredictable sea

You, a dormant volcano with a deadly core

Me, a passionate storm that festers inside me

We are in our element now

There is an energy in every emotion

A strength in the notion of devotion

Like the eye of the storm we found our calm

I found my safety, you found your harm

A gold plated whole of two imperfect halves

Relentless and guarded

Broken and scarred

Look what I’ve done

And what you think you cannot do

To think things are hopeless

Simply is not true

We are one of the same in moral and mind

And that is a blessing you don’t often find

But yet we are a contrast

Of black and of white

I hold the darkness and you hold the light

It’s not all that simple

There are skies of gray

With relentless winds and unrelenting rain

A hurricane of sorts

Stand too close and you could be sucked into that same spiral of self destruction

But if you take the risk and you do survive the storm

Then you’ll experience something truly but devestatingly breath taking

You will get hurt along the way

And once the winds have all died down

You’ll have to rebuild all that you had from the rubble on the ground

We love each other

And that will see us through

But our definitions of love differ

Like sunlight and ocean blue

With a little more time

Working together

We will evolve in love

Towards a new life together

Facing the day

No matter what the weather.



Alice xxx

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