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An ABC guide to Asexuality

An ABC guide to Asexuality💜

A...sexuality - the lack of sexual attraction to anyone and the absence of or low desire to engage in sexual activity 🔸 A…romantic - refers to those who do not experience romantic attraction however the two ends of the scale are not directly related and you can experience 1 without the other 🔸 A…ce - the nickname adopted for Asexuals by the LQBTQ+ community 🔸 B…iromantic - refers to the romantic attraction to male and females, but lack of sexual attraction towards either gender 🔸 C…elibacy - the CHOICE to abstain from sex even if sexual attraction is present (thus differs entirely from Asexuality) 🔸 D…emisexual - presence of sexual attraction only when a deep emotional connection is formed with a partner 🔸 E…ducation - ...or rather, lack of it. Sexual education desperately needs to be improved in schools to cover the full range of known sexualities 🔸 F…luid - Asexuality is a spectrum. Sexuality is not set in stone. Do not limit your experiences based solely on the confines of a label 🔸 G…rey ace - refers to a lack of sexual attraction but not entirely absent 🔸 H…etro/homo romantic - the purely romantic attraction to 1 specific gender so basically the same as hetro/homosexual but without the...sexual part 🔸 I…nclusion - a lack of understanding on Asexuality has lead to isolation from other communities including the LGBTQ+ community because the principles of Asexuality don't necessarily coincide with that of "gay pride" 🔸 J…ay (David) - founder of the largest online ace community; AVEN (the asexual visibility and education network) 🔸 K…insey (Alfred) - founder of the Kinsey Scale as a way of pinpointing someone's sexuality on a scale of 0 to 6. This meant he was one of the first people to document Asexuality as through his research he discovered that some people could not be placed anywhere on the scale 🔸 L…ove - sex can exist without love and love can exist without sex 🔸 M…asterbation - some Asexuals do, some don't (for varying reasons) 🔸 N…ormal - 100% NORMAL! While it's documented that only around 1% of the population is Asexual, it is also estimated that this statistic would be far higher if a wider knowledge and understanding of Asexuality existed 🔸 O…pen minded - just because you cannot relate to a sexuality, does not mean it doesn't exist 🔸 P…an romantic - the romantic attraction to all, but sexual attraction to none 🔸 Q…ueer platonic - refers to a relationship that is not romantic but still involves an emotional connection that is above and beyond what most people would consider platonic 🔸 R…espect - Asexuals do not need you to "show them a good time", they need you to treat them with the same respect as you would anyone else 🔸 S…ex - Referring to both the absence and existence of sex in a relationship where 1 or both of the party is Asexual. Asexuals may be comfortable with any level of physical intimacy from hand holding all the way up to penetrative sex 🔸 T…ouch averse - where an individual is repulsed by sexual activity & has an aversion to being touched/touching others 🔸 U…nacknowledged - many refuse to acknowledge Asexuality as a "real" sexuality & more a choice of celibacy or the inability to "get laid" 🔸 V…irgin - some Asexuals are and may be virgins for most if not all of their lives. However, just because some Asexuals aren't virgins doesn't give you the right to dismiss their identity or call them frauds. Asexuals engage in sexual activity fore varying reasons, all of which are valid. Remember that Asexuality is not the absence of's the absence of sexual attraction 🔸 W…ho you are! - You can spend your whole life wishing you were "normal" but at the end of the day, you were born this way! 🔸 X…(group X) - Original name that Alfred Kinsey gave to the group of people who did not experience any sexual attraction AKA; asexuals 🔸 Y…ourself - stay true & do not be ashamed. At the end of the day the only opinion of yourself that truly counts is your own 🔸 Z…ero fucks given! - Asexuals get a lot of hate. SPREAD THE LOVE!💗

Full video here:🎥

COURAGE; Alice xxx

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